Ontario Ombudsman - Paul Dube and Barbara Finlay

Dr. David Webster 4 April, 2018

I wrote Mr Andre Marin’s successor, Mr. Paul Dube, asking him to reevaluate Mr. Marin’s claim that my colleagues and I were confused claiming we thought his role was to evaluate ‘Policies’ already established. We were informed his role was to evaluate the “process” that lead to the policies. There were NO ‘Policies’ on PET before he completed his report and clearly every issue we had raised concerns about, were about “process”. In reality how the “process” continues to function is that the Liberals decide what indications for PET/CT they will fund and then Cancer Care Ontario ‘experts’ and their colleagues as McMaster University School of Evidence Based Medicine, ‘manufacture’ the answers the government’s needs to back their ‘Policies’.